Mentioned in Everett Herald

On Friday I was mentioned in the Everett Herald as part of my introduction to the new studio! It’s very exciting and hopefully will help generate continued notice of my work in the community.

This is what they said about me; the full article can be found at ‘’

‘Everett art walk artist Liz Lund heavily influenced by trip to Europe

By Theresa Goffredo
Herald Writer
Liz Lund’s European travels led her to study the impressionists and now she likes to paint large and paint bold.

Lund’s paintings share the walls with artists Janet Wold and Jane Meagher at the Corner Studio & Gallery, 2831 Wetmore Ave., Everett.

The works of those three women and many other artists are among the offerings visitors can see during Everett’s free monthly event, the Everett Art Walk.

The art walk allows visitors into many local art galleries and businesses where they can meet the artists. Free public receptions generally run from 4 to 9 p.m. Saturday.’

Hope you came by the studio last night but if not I’ll be at the Studio this monday and wednesday and thursday.


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  1. Cameron Says:

    Nice job!

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