Welcome to Liz Geiger Studios

Art is a passion and a love of mine. It is the pure expressive side of my personality and quite frankly is a ton of fun. A day spent makin’ stuff is a day well spent, particularly if you have dirty or stained hands at the end of it all. I welcome comments, critiques or offers to buy any of my artwork.

As a bit of background on me: I spent almost eight years working for the government traveling through many kinds of places. Although I have now left the government I found the experiences educational and eye opening. I’ve seen and studied governments that will imprison or kill people for speaking out, places where the kids don’t know what soap is and may never see a book much less survive past forty. After seeing these places I was inspired to follow my dream.  I now live outside Seattle and am pursuing art as my main career.  As you peruse the site I invite you to look at my work with an open mind and feel free to purchase any of it. We can discuss terms and such if you want the piece framed. I’m open to but do not offer any guarantees on creating a commissioned piece.

I hope you like what I have to offer and will maybe see the world through my eyes for a few minutes. It’s a fun way of experiencing the world.

Here’s to following your dreams!