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Easter and Eggs

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Da Eggs:
How appropriate for Easter! I have created several pieces inspired by friends who are either preggers or gave birth recently.  I’m attaching photos of the first two in the three piece series.  The third piece isn’t done yet!  These pieces are all based on the egg and the womb.  I do have to say that despite all of the symbolism behind the pieces they were fun to paint.  I worked to achieve the smooth look of the womb/sac space and to achieve a smooth flow of color.  It was a lot of fun to make these pieces. They are abstract and representational and way cool looking if I do say so myself! What symbolism do you see?

IMG_2656This piece I find interesting in the composition.  I tried to create a happy and interesting visual space.  You can see the red comforting space cradling the egg and it’s all surrounded by a peaceful blue.   Throughout the blue space you see lots of movement and flow and the red space is warm and comforting.


I wanted a little more aggressive of color choices in this one.  I do feel as if the red background is much less soothing.   That being said, upon review I do believe that this piece requires some additional working.   I think that the blue sac is not finished.    I’ll rework it and post it here along with the third piece later this week.

I’d love to hear your reactions.

New Oil Paintings! yippee

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Fun with Oil Paintings

Under normal circumstances I describe myself as a watercolor artist but in the last couple of weeks I have been drawn to painting with oils and acrylics.  I have had a blast and learned several things about my style of painting.  Apparently, no matter the medium I still think like a watercolor artist.  I guess that isn’t a shocker since I was trained to be a watercolor artist.   That being said… I am loving the gushiness and the flow of these new mediums.


I have created two pieces in oil that I think are interesting and fun.

Red Flower in Oil

Red Flower in Oil

This is the first piece a red flower that is full of gushiness and flowing colors.  I have noticed that I prefer to paint with just oil paint and linseed oil… it creates a really cool flowing effect… however it takes forever to dry!  In this piece I worked to create a vibrancy and flow but to still retain the overall shape of the center flower.  I think I did an ok job.. at the very least while painting it I had 7 people walk into the studio to see the new painting.  I think it’d be very fun to try a different flower and try to achieve the smooth flow but to do it in watercolor.   What do you think?

sea grass

The second piece is all green motion.  The piece was originally inspired by the background grasses in a photo… but somehow I never got to the flower part.  I had so much fun creating the flow of color and movement in this piece.  As with many of my more inspirational pieces I think this one is from the heart.  I can’t tell you what I was thinking as I created it or even what color combinations I used.  In looking back at it I can tell you that I used green 😉 but not much else.

I hope you enjoy these and I welcome comments or critiques on the pieces.

Liz Geiger Studios is in Everett’s Blog!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Hello all friends one of my favorite paintings is featured in Everett’s blog. check out the blog for any upcoming events and opportunities in the Everett Area.! Also tomorrow I’ll be updating the blog with a bunch of new photos of oils, acrylics and a few cave like paintings. Stay tuned!

Pretty Art vs. Edgy Art

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Pretty Art vs. Edgy Art

I have been thinking about this topic for a while now and decided it was time to start a conversation.  I’ve stated openly that I enjoy creating ‘pretty’ artwork.  My theory has been that there is enough ugliness and harshness in this world and I feel no need to create more or to create something that reminds us of these tough times.  Maybe that is too simplistic or maybe it’s not respected enough and I should shut up (not that this is likely to happen!).  To set the scene let me build two descriptions and please note that I am not trying to put anyone in a category or to debate skill as I think we are each unique and skilled in our own ways.

Pretty Art:

It’s such a simple name but often landscape artwork is placed in the category of ‘pretty’ artwork.  It can be and often is soothing or passionate in a detached way.  Meaning landscape artwork will rarely challenge you to think about life in new ways or will evoke disturbing and uncomfortable emotions.  The artist may be expressing uncomfortable emotions or working out the technical challenge of creating a certain feel through new techniques but it is rare that the viewer sees it.  For example take Monet’s waterlilies,  they are stunning with exquisite composition and are a real pleasure to just look at.  Granted the waterlilies are done by a master but these pieces have depth and skill that is wonderful to view from an artist’s perspective.  Yet, few people who don’t study and love art will ever see anything other than a pretty painting.  And that is ok.  Without a doubt they are pretty paintings but they are so much more.  I would argue that most landscape paintings are more than just pretty, they often have thought provoking questions buried in the technique or the color choices or … pick a part of the painting and a question and see what you can find?  That being said there are definitely paintings that I have finished just ’cause it was fun or because I thought it’d look neat.  But.. often those are the paintings I created during difficult times in my life.  Times when my artwork was created as an escape.  I don’t know if my inner angst worked it’s way through the paintbrush or not and if it did I’m not sure I’d share my very private inner angst with the world and tell you what caused me to select that shade of red to paint over the church.  Maybe when I’m long gone someone will study my work, look through my life and say… oooh that’s why she did this.  In the interim I’m content if I can make art that fills my heart and hopefully will help someone else remember peace on a bad day.

Edgy art  or Art for other Artists:

Before I get into this, let me state that I really appreciate this kind of artwork.   It has so much value in our artworld and much of it’s value is not quantifiable.  Without people willing to push the boundaries, we would never have the impressionists or Picasso or heck anyone other than Greek sculptors.   That being said, some of the artwork is wonderful to look at and some is much harder.  I’ve seen brilliant pieces discussing the role of Jesus in our lives or a cardboard sculpture highlighting the great garbage patch.  These pieces are great pieces designed to remind us to think, not to just feel or to close our eyes to pain or responsibility but to think, a much harder goal.  I enjoy that these pieces successfully remind us of our responsibility.  Just as I truly enjoy that Picasso brought forth a new way of painting.  Do I visually enjoy looking at Picasso or a piece depicting Christ arched in pain over an eagle… no not really.  Do I want to live with them in my house.. nope I sure don’t.  BUT I respect an artist who can create such things, who can put a piece of their heart and soul into a visual expression for the world to see.  This art is awesome and can change the world… but so can pretty artwork.

I started this post as a defense and a hopefully a discussion of types of artwork and I would welcome your thoughts or comments.   I have seen that many people look at pretty work and think less of it than the edgy work out there.  I would argue that both have value and to only see edgy work as valuable or to only see pretty work as valuable is missing out on so much wonderful art.

So the next time you look at a piece of artwork I would pose this question for you.  If it’s something that is just  pretty… is pretty all there is to this painting?  or.. if the piece is uncomfortable to look at because of the emotions… I would ask how did the artist convey this emotion?  Did they use attractive or fun methods to do so?  There is value in all forms of artwork… let us be great and ask ourselves to look for the value in the forms and enjoy all aspects.

upcoming Art Walk

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I wanted to tell everyone about the upcoming Everett artwalk on May 20th between 4pm-7pm.   The artwalk will be a fun adventure and this month we’re doing a small tasting of Georgetown Brewery’s beer!  Yes we will be checking id’s and nope there isn’t a fee but you will receive a coupon for Balefire.  This month we have two studios participating in the beer tasting and if you visit 3 venues on artwalk you get 15% off at Balefire.   

I’ve also added another artist to the studio, Joy Bezanis!  she is fabulous and will have some work up for display at the studio.  Come meet her, taste some delish beer and enjoy great work.