Musical Everett

Musical Everett

The City of Everett has had a brilliant idea. Carol Thomas the Cultural Arts Manager in the Economic Development group has purchased seven pianos for painting and subsequent distribution/display throughout Downtown Everett. Each piano will be painted by one or two artists and I was selected to be one of the artists! Josie Wise and I are decorating a gorgeous old upright piano that has beautiful sound but started ugly as sin.

Our blank canvas!

Josie and I decided to go with a pacific northwest theme. We are both imports to the Pacific Northwest and as summer swings into gear we are particularly grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds us. In addition, both Josie and I are primarily landscape painters. We enjoy taking brush to canvas or paper and communicating our feelings and impressions of the world to you the viewer. We have decided to take the impressionistic trend and to translate it into a series of paintings on the huge piano. It has been super fun and I’d love to hear your commentary on it!

It started with a steep learning curve for me. The bottom of the piano here really is blue! Josie figured it out faster and her backgrounds are done.

I’ll be updating it as we go along.

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