Easter and Eggs

Da Eggs:
How appropriate for Easter! I have created several pieces inspired by friends who are either preggers or gave birth recently.  I’m attaching photos of the first two in the three piece series.  The third piece isn’t done yet!  These pieces are all based on the egg and the womb.  I do have to say that despite all of the symbolism behind the pieces they were fun to paint.  I worked to achieve the smooth look of the womb/sac space and to achieve a smooth flow of color.  It was a lot of fun to make these pieces. They are abstract and representational and way cool looking if I do say so myself! What symbolism do you see?

IMG_2656This piece I find interesting in the composition.  I tried to create a happy and interesting visual space.  You can see the red comforting space cradling the egg and it’s all surrounded by a peaceful blue.   Throughout the blue space you see lots of movement and flow and the red space is warm and comforting.


I wanted a little more aggressive of color choices in this one.  I do feel as if the red background is much less soothing.   That being said, upon review I do believe that this piece requires some additional working.   I think that the blue sac is not finished.    I’ll rework it and post it here along with the third piece later this week.

I’d love to hear your reactions.

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