New Oil Paintings! yippee

Fun with Oil Paintings

Under normal circumstances I describe myself as a watercolor artist but in the last couple of weeks I have been drawn to painting with oils and acrylics.  I have had a blast and learned several things about my style of painting.  Apparently, no matter the medium I still think like a watercolor artist.  I guess that isn’t a shocker since I was trained to be a watercolor artist.   That being said… I am loving the gushiness and the flow of these new mediums.


I have created two pieces in oil that I think are interesting and fun.

Red Flower in Oil

Red Flower in Oil

This is the first piece a red flower that is full of gushiness and flowing colors.  I have noticed that I prefer to paint with just oil paint and linseed oil… it creates a really cool flowing effect… however it takes forever to dry!  In this piece I worked to create a vibrancy and flow but to still retain the overall shape of the center flower.  I think I did an ok job.. at the very least while painting it I had 7 people walk into the studio to see the new painting.  I think it’d be very fun to try a different flower and try to achieve the smooth flow but to do it in watercolor.   What do you think?

sea grass

The second piece is all green motion.  The piece was originally inspired by the background grasses in a photo… but somehow I never got to the flower part.  I had so much fun creating the flow of color and movement in this piece.  As with many of my more inspirational pieces I think this one is from the heart.  I can’t tell you what I was thinking as I created it or even what color combinations I used.  In looking back at it I can tell you that I used green 😉 but not much else.

I hope you enjoy these and I welcome comments or critiques on the pieces.

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