Holiday Season shows and tiny Treasures

It’s crazy but holiday season is rapidly approaching and I’m starting the prep.  Over the last few years I’ve created as series of tiny paintings for holiday gifts and I’m continuing the tradition!  I’m starting earlier this year for two reasons… one I sold out last year so I hope to create more this year and two I’m really hoping to avoid hand cramps this year.   These tiny treasures are awesome, I create each one using super skinny brushes and work hard to create small treasures for you.  Each painting is either 2in x 2in or 3in x 3 in.   I’ll be pricing them very reasonably because I care for you guys not because they are easy!  These are actually more work because I have to work so tiny.  It also means I wreck a ton of brushes each year.. but meh whatever it’s the holiday season and you deserve it!

This means I’ll be painting tiny treasures from now till the end of the year unless you commission a painting.

This year I’ll be doing local scenes– think Mt. Ranier, Seattle at night etc.  I’ll also be doing some more polar bears cause they’re cute and fun.  And I might sneak in some penguins but they’re super hard so I reserve the right to avoid ’em 🙂


I’ll add photos of the treasures as they progress!


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