Blackbird Series and Prep for August Show

As many artists can tell you, challenging yourself may be good in the end but the process is highly aggravating.  I mentioned that I’ve been working on a series based on the Beatles song ‘Blackbird’.  What I don’t think I mentioned is that this series is kicking my butt.  I can do simple, I can do animals in the puddling style, but damn it’s really hard to do people in the puddling style!  And in my attempt to push through the challenges I’ve wrecked two paintings (with the amount of pigment I use in each painting it’s a costly mistake).  If anyone needs to see the failures, let me know and I’ll take pictures.  I feel like we only see the good stuff from the masters and we never see their screwups… maybe if we saw more screwups we’d feel better about our own mistakes.

I’ve finished part of the second verse paintings and will finish them this weekend hopefully. 










In addition I’m trying to do a series of paintings based on Mt. Ranier for my upcoming show at Wise Designz in August.  They will be 9in by 9in and all based on our iconic Seattle image… Mt. Ranier.  In my frustration from the Blackbird screwups I’ve wrecked one maybe two paintings in this series.  One of my paintings looks like the mountain is about to erupt… this is not foreshadowing… I just tripped over the pigment… whoops!  I think the Mt. Ranier series will end well… and they’re much easier and more natural for me to finish than the Blackbird series.



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