Pacific Sound on the Streets

Street Tunes is in Full Effect

Last Wednesday the painted pianos made their debut. They were launched, set out and ready for play time to begin and the community has stepped forward and protected the pianos. I’ve had numerous people come by the studio to express their joy at the pianos or have people smile as they walk down the street. I had one businessman take a break from his day, sit down and give a concert to the neighborhood. He even started singing! What was the most incredible aspect of it all was that the people walking by had huge grins on their face and were so receptive to his spontaneous concert.

I’ve heard rumors that we made the CNBC news and here is a clip from our King5 news 20 seconds. I’m gathering videos of people playing my piano and will be joining them all together over the next week… stay tuned! hah pun totally intended.

Just Click on the below link to see our news clip!

It is simply inspiring to be surrounded by such fun! So I’ve started two paintings, finished one today and am working on a second that I should be able to finish tomorrow. It’s the kind of thing that makes me grateful to be a part of this wonderful corner studio!

Check out ‘here’s lookin’ at you’

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