Journaling, how do you start?  I’ve heard so much about this, read about this and some of the artists I  respect do this… maybe it will help me.   My sister gave me some watercolor paper in a book and I have a journal… just never used it.  I struggled for years with keeping a journal, I know that for many it is therapeutic or can help them tap into the creative soul.  I always found it intimidating.  I know that I’m not a brilliant writer but also I worked in classified land for years.  How do you let ideas flow from your head when 80% of what you think about is classified?   I still struggle with this but at least now my entire life is not classified.   I’ve decided that it’s time to get over that intimidation and fear (thanks for the inspiration Michelle and Kristin) now I have to just start doing it.   Oi!  If I get any journal entries that aren’t horribly embarrassing I’ll post them here.

Thanks for the inspiration guys,


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  1. Chelsea Says:

    We had to turn in a sketchbook for life drawing class, and I found it really intimidating at first (especially drawing strangers). But the more I did it, the easier and more fun it got. Now I’ll take it with me on nature walks or just when I think I’ll have some time to kill. I find that if I’m not feeling it, I make myself start drawing something around me, small usually. Then I’ll usually find something else that I’m more interested in or inspired by. I also take a variety of drawing implements – sometimes a thick pen helps me loosen up and flow better, not stress over details so much. Most of all, have fun with it!

  2. KaraPiciell Says:

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